Tahwelya manufactures superior quality of high density polyethylene HDPE pipes for Potable Water, Sewerage & Storm Water, Irrigation & Agriculture, Gas & Compressed Air, and Chemicals Material. It is available in a full range of sizes from 4 mm to 1200 mm.

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The company manufactures HDPE ducts for power, communication network and fiber optic applications. Duct comes with one, two and three-layer system with different color. It is available in various outside diameter sizes.

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We produce a group of HDPE Micro Duct for Communication and Fiber Optic applications. In addition to offering a wide variety of duct sizes, we also provide custom configurations to meet any installation, cost, and design requirement.

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Tahwelya is a manufacture of HDPE corrugated duct that used for the construction of underground duct system for fiber optic cables in the telecommunication’s long distance. HDPE CD is available in a wide range of sizes and configuration.

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Tahwelya Fire retardant corrugated duct pipe is suitable for internal cable ducting, for fire redundancy, and discontinuing burning. It is available in various sizes, from 20 to 50 mm. It is Supplied in 50 m, 100 m, or any other lengths required by client and project.

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One of leading manufacturers and sale of fittings and accessories. The fittings include, Duct jointing/Coupler, Duct reducer, Sealing plug - End stop, Split cable, Repair kit, Shrinkable tube, Associated tools, and Blowing machine.

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Recent Projects

Our Mission

Our mission is from the name, to convert plastic raw material from resin to final product used in various life applications. We take pride in meeting the customer’s needs and expectations, and the ability to deliver the desired highest quality end product on time.

The Unique Features of Tahwelya

The factory is in the Yanbu Industrial City area which is one of most important cities in Kingdom of Saudi for petrochemical industry, covering an area of 60,000 square meters. With this unique location and large space, it acts as safe storage place for any order / quantity and ready to deliver upon request.

We are committed to international quality standards for our products, performance; and reliability is the hallmarks of our products.

Our material used is only high-density polyethylene HDPE from a very well know international suppliers that is pure and readymade for making pipe, in which no need for mixing or adding any additives.

The advanced technology of our production lines that makes process so user friendly and step controlled. Control of melting temperature of the raw material during forming the pipe.

Our company has its own comprehensive laboratory located in the factory which has a wide range of equipment and machines for conducting all related measurement and tests according to the local and international standard.

With our experience and expert teams, Tahwelya can manufacture many different designs and configurations based on the customer’s specifications. Moreover, we can work with customers, companies and institutes to determine the most appropriate solutions according to their applications, requirements, also to improve their existing products and develop new products to reduce the material usage, weight and then cost.

Our Clients