Fittings and Accessories for Micro duct

Fittings and accessories for micro duct

    We offer the following high-quality fittings from our trusted vendors for all duct’s sizes:

  • Duct jointing / coupler
  • Duct reducer (mechanical /equivalent technique such as fusion method)
  • Duct sealing plug - end stop
  • Split cable duct sealing plug – cable end stop
  • Repair kit
  • Shrinkable tube
  • Divisible duct seals for fiber optic cable
  • All associated tools
Installation tools for micro duct

    Tahwelya provides and distributes very high-quality necessary tools and accessories for installation, including:

  • Blowing machines
  • Duct/Micro-duct cutters
  • Chamfering & Deburring tools
  • Sheath cutting tools
  • Duct stripper / slitter
  • Duct repair kit
  • Duct sealant