Polypropylene (PPR) Pipe

Product Description
  • Produce Polypropylene pipe with various outside diameter (8mm to 180 mm).
  • Produce Polypropylene pipe in different colors (Green, Blue and Brown).
  • Produce Polypropylene pipe in different pressures up to 20 bars or any pressure specify by project.
  • Produce Polypropylene pipe for normal or hot water network system.
  • Supplied in any lengths required by customer.
Product characteristics
  • PPR pipe Has very poor electrical conductivity.
  • High resistance to hydrostatic pressure even at high temperature.
  • Low value of coefficient of linear thermal expansion.
  • High Impact strength.
  • Working temperature up to 95 C.
  • Potable water transportation.
  • Building supply system.
  • Domestic water network (hot and cold water).
  • Inside and outside connections for boilers /hating system.
  • Transportation of industrial liquid or any chemical.