High Density Polyethylene Corrugated Ducts HDPE -CD

Product Description
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) corrugated Pipes for communication and fiber optic applications with Orange color or any other color.
  • Available with various wall thicknesses as required by specific project.
  • Available in various sizes OD, (50mm to 250mm).
  • The corrugated pipe is manufactured with built-in sub-ducts.
  • Ducts inside available with various wall thicknesses for different pressure.
  • The built-in sub-ducts can be one or two layer system (with silicon inside layer) with different color and available in various sizes OD, (20 mm to 60 mm).
  • The internal silicon layer of the Micro Duct can be (grooved or smooth), depending on the specific project application.
  • Ducts available with pre-installed rope from manufactory for quick pulling cables and significant reduction time and cost.
Product Features
  • HDPE-CD are used for the construction of underground duct system for fiber optic and copper cables in the telecommunication’s long distance, junction, primary and secondary networks.
  • HDPE-CD provide a single and continuous duct laying operation from one point to another, e.g., manhole to manhole, without cut. It can be laid directly into trench at standard depths even without sand bedding.
  • High flexibility and easy to bend. It follows the contours of the ground, change the direction in the trench and adapt to underground obstacles. Eliminate unnecessary pipe joints.
  • It is strong, extremely tough and very robust.
  • Easy to install/ position, eliminates the chance of cracking.
  • It provides the excellent impact and compression strength.
  • There is no penetration of external ground water, reducing the amount of treatment required.
  • The HDPE-CD is designed, manufactured from virgin raw materials only and packed so that the physical characteristics will not degrade when exposed to the environmental conditions during storage, transportation and installation