High Density Polyethylene Micro Ducts (Bundle)

Product Description
  • A group of HDPE Micro Duct for communication and Fiber Optic applications.
  • Ducts are bundled by an external jacket with various colors (Black, White and Orange) or any color as required by specific project.
  • Available in various configurations depending on the specific project application (flat, tringle, square, hexagonal or round) or any design.
  • Ducts inside available in various sizes (5mm to 42 mm in diameter) with different color as required by specific project.
  • Ducts inside available with various wall thicknesses for different pressure, from 6 bar (26 SDR) to 32 bar (6 SDR).
  • The external jacket available with various wall thicknesses as per customer requirement.
  • Ducts can be coated with internal silicon layer (grooved or smooth).
  • Ducts available with pre-installed rope from manufactory for quick pulling cables and significant reduction time and cost.
  • MicroDucts can be produced with cooper tracer wire used as tracer wire to locate buried conduit.
Product Features
  • MicroDuct is compatible with the international installation standards and operation and maintenance practices for the telecommunication’s duct system.
  • Extremely low friction resistance allowing maximum cable/installation lengths and less joints.
  • Very flexible with high hardness and easy to install.
  • MicroDuct is highly resistant to all kinds of corrosive liquids, aggressive media and chemicals usually found in the ground.
  • Supplied in 300, 500, 600, and 1000 m, or any other lengths required by customer.
  • The MicroDuct is supplied in steel reels to protect the ducts from damage during handling, storage and transportation