HDPE Pipes for Potable Water, Sewerage, Irrigation, Agriculture and Gas.

Product Description
  • Various outside diameters (4mm to 1200 mm).
  • Pipes in different colors (Black, Blue, Yellow and Orange) or any required colour.
  • Different pressures, from 6 bar (SDR 26) to 16 bars (SDR 11).
  • HDPE Pipes from high density Polyethylene for water network system in Black color with Blue or Green lines and contain the necessary percentage of carbon black for protection against UV.
  • HDPE Pipes from high density Polyethylene for Gas network system in black, yellow or orange color, also black with yellow or orange lines.
  • HDPE Pipes from high density Polyethylene for sewerage network system, storm water and irrigation in black color without lines and contain the necessary percentage of carbon black for protection against UV.
Product Features
  • Corrosion-resistant. It has excellent chemical resistance properties. Polyethylene is a kind of inert material that can resist a variety of chemical erosions, rust’s, corrosion and has an electrochemistry to remain corrode free from the impact of soil erosion.
  • Long life anti-ageing. Containing 2-2.5% of uniform distribution of carbon black in pipe suitable for outdoor storage or use for several decades. Used as buried pipeline ensuring a service life of 50 years.
  • High tenacity, good flexibility with high toughness, the extension rate at break is more than 500%; not only has great adjustability for uneven base but also has strong ability for earthquake resistance.
  • Flexible for coiling. Can be made coils of long lengths and reduce the quantity of fittings, thus optimizing project cost and time.
  • Made into a variety of colors for easy identification.
  • Reliable connection, leak proof; the hot melt connection ensures the identity of the interface material, structure and pipe main body. Achieves the integration of the interface with the pipe. The tensile strength and bursting strength of the interface are higher than the pipe which can effectively resist the pressure generated by circumferential stress and axil stress.
  • Having excellent crack – resistance properties. It has low gap sensitivity, high cutting and traces resistance ability. It has outstanding circular crack resistance properties.
  • Having excellent rapid crack propagation resistance in comparison with other plastics. As lower temperature’s large diameter’s and thick walled pipe for high pressure application are easy to succumb to rapid crack, Hence HDPE pipe, in particular the PE100 is more suitable for large diameter pipe applications.
  • Abrasion resistant. It has 4 times the frictional resistance in comparison with the steel pipes. In the mud transportation field, HDPE pipes are better in terms of friction resistance, longer life and more economic as compared to steel pipes.
  • Not Promoting microorganism growth such algae, fungi, bacteria etc…
  • Having excellent Low – temperature impact. It has low temperature brittleness. Brittle fracture does not occur due to the good impact properties required for construction materials during winter.
  • Having excellent scratch resistance capabilities. PE100 has even better ability compared with other material.
  • Easy to transport, light weight, easier to move and install, lower cost compared to concreate, galvanized and steel pipe.
  • Easy for operation and maintenance. It has smooth inner surface and low flow resistance properties. Higher transmission capacity compared with traditional pipe and at the same time reduces the stress loss and water consumption.
  • Having great toughness and deflection. It’s high-toughness pipe. Split Extension Rate generally exceeds 500%.
  • Having electrical insulation performance. It can be used safely as conduit to insulate power cable as well as shield communication cables.