HDPE Fittings, Accessories, And Welding Machines For Water And Gas

Product Description
  • Tahwelya provides and distributes very high-quality fittings made from high density polyethylene PE 100.
  • We offer fittings from high density Polyethylene in different pressures from 6 bar (SDR 26) to 25 bars (SDR 7.4) or any pressure specify by project.
  • Fittings are available for various outside pipe diameter 20mm to 800 mm. (above 800 upon on request).
  • Fittings are made according to International standards (ISO 4427, UNI EN 1555, UNI EN12201).
  • We offer all kind of fittings such as, Elbows, Tees, Couplers, Reducers, End caps, Saddles, Flange adapters and Transition.
  • Accessories (Pipe stand, scrapper, cutter, roller, cleaner and re-rounding clamp) are also available.
  • Welding machines for the joining of HDPE pipe and fittings can be offered.
  • Training and technical support available to assist contractors/companies with joining of HDPE pipe.
HDPE Pipe Jointing

    HDPE pipe jointing can be done either as permanent joint (welded by fusion). These types of joints generally recommended for pipe diameter more than 90mm and pressure more than 12.5 bar. Or as temporary joint (pipes will be connected mechanically NO welding).


    There are mainly two methods of permanent jointing fusion; Butt fusion and electro fusion.

    Butt fusion joint

    It is generally cheaper on large diameters (typically above 125/180mm) or long installations, due to fitting costs.

    The welding procedure involves accurate machine planning of the pipe ends followed by heating to the melting point of the pipe ends, which are then joined together under pressure.

    Electro fusion joint

    Electro fusion welding is used for all systems such as gas, water applications, sewer, and duc.

    It is used in tie in locations, and on repair situations.

    On this method, pipes and fittings are welded by means of resistance wires, which are located within the electro-fusion socket.


    There are mainly two methods of mechanical jointing: Compression fittings and flange jointing. There are benefits associated with these methods such as; easy and fast assembling and disassembling, doesn’t need professional workers since no welding activity is needed BUT on the other hand there are some limitations such as it can be used for small pipe diameter up to 110 mm and also it can be used for certain pressure up 9 bars only.

    Compression fittings joint

    This method does not use any machine or a special tool because it is by compression fitting.

    In this method a compression fitting made of Polypropylene with different type and shape of fittings (Tee s, Reducer s, elbow s …etc) both edges of the pipe should be cut vertically and inserted in both sides of compression fitting.

    Flange fittings joint

  • Flanged connection is used when the following:
  • Pipe is connected to pumps and valves.
  • They are also used in industrial applications and submarine lines.
  • To connect the pipe to different sizes.
  • To connect to PE pipe to other material such as steel, PVC or any other material.
  • To connect PE pipe to PE pipe for repair a damaged PE pipe by replacing short pipe.